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with a desktop printer, engineers will be able to create their pcb products, from mobile phone displays, to rfid antennas, to solar cells.
the new technology is invented by the dimatix. its basic principle is with the inkjet technology, spray a small point through a piezoelectric print heads on the plate, this point may be the small liquid silver, nickel, gold or a variety of semiconductor materials. and compared to the traditional manufacturing process, the new method eliminates the protection and etching process, and substituting simple deposition process. dimatix companies said that this new technology can help design engineers greatly lower cost in certain projects.
if you produce each board differently, or if your electric circuit design is very complex and makes the line protection costs are very high before cutting. then the ink-jet printing method is feasible method that you can solve the problem of pcb processing. it does not require cutting steps.the technology is very appropriate for the sample plate and small number of plates.
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