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The financial crisis bone-chilling cold, let the printed circuit board (PCB) industry felt thorough marrow pain, global PCB development in China and other countries and regions outside the PCB production is decreased. In 2008, the global PCB production 482 billion us dollars, China accounted for global gross output value of 31%, 150 million us dollars, annual growth rate of growth in the global 9.5%.
Industrial revitalizing explicit landscape beautiful strength
According to the statistics, from 2000 to 2008, Chinas total compound annual growth rate of 22.6% PCB, Korea, Taiwan is 14.1% for Japan - 5.9% 1.6% in North America, Europe, 12.2% - - 10%, the fastest in the world mainly PCB production areas ranked first.
Preparing for a certain time
With industrial revitalizing China parts planning inter-shining with internal enterprises PCB from financial crisis, a fatal blow a rapid development of paranormal, "opportunity". At this time, talent market supply enough, which draws to reserve, cultivate the potential talent.
3G mobile detonated the PCB industry grafting
Relevant data display, 3G phones for mobile phones, the grafting, PCB, LCD, connector key components battery has brought great market space.
According to various mobile chain upstream, current supply is in nervous condition, some parts (such as mobile phone, display connector) stock, the mobile phone was due to the source of tension is memory, direct price slowed mobile phone manufacturer introducing new products, and increases the speed of mobile phone manufacturer production costs. Thus, the development of 3G phones to mobile phone components of the upsurge of market demand sharply.
China 3G licences issued as catalyst in general, let originally sleepy backwater PCB market undercurrents crypto-currents, forming a huge PCB board, mobile phone business demand will be detonated business
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